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Mag Levels, Magnet Squares and Magnet Levels

We have an excellent assortment of mag levels, magnet squares and magnet level choices. Take a look at our inventory. The categories below have all the information you need and detailed pictures. 

We are always looking to stay up ahead of the competition with the most innovative features. Check out the mag level we offer. It’s the only one with an on off switch that holds securely to both flat and round surfaces. Every detail is covered and you’ll find three vials for different readings.

Magnet squares that are durable and professional are here as well. The ones we sell hold down both flat and round metal workpieces with a strong force. They offer innovative features like two different on /off switchs for convenience. You can choose from different pull forces with these so you get what you need for every job.

 Whether you’re looking for a magnet level or even something unique like mini magnet squares, we’ve got you covered.  Everything we carry promises more power and more performance for less money. Take your time and shop online. Remember, we ship to Canada and the United States.

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