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Plasma Consumables

Plasma Nozzles, Electrodes, Swirl Rings, Cups 

Get the plasma nozzles and swirl ring tools that you need right here. All of these products have prices and features listed up front. Make affordable efficient choices online today.  

Crossfire Welders carries all the plasma nozzles and swirl ring choices you’ll need. We have taken the time to put together an excellent inventory that covers all of your welding requirements. If you’re looking for a one stop shop it covers everything, you found it here.

Take a good look at the products in our inventory. Each one of the plasma nozzles and swirl ring accessories we carry comes with a professional grade picture. You’ll be able to see exactly what you are buying. What’s more, we ship to many different points in Canada and the United States.

Buying any of the products on our website is as easy as navigating through simple drop-down menus. Just add anything you need to your cart and it will be delivered to your business or home.

Crossfire Welders has an industry-leading inventory of the finest welding supplies. We’ve taken the time to make sure our clients are the only priority. There’s nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction behind everything we do.