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Tungsten Electrodes, Collets, & Collet Bodies

Look through this selection of tungsten electrodes, tig welding collets and tig collet choices. You’ll see the difference that quality makes. Each of these products has a picture, dimensions and other statistics. 

We’ve taken the time to sort these tungsten electrodes and put them into categories that are easy to find. You can select the size you’re looking for in one convenient place. Simply use the drop-down menu. With our tig welding collets and tig collet products, shopping is as easy as adding them to your cart. Crossfire Welders promises more performance and more power for less money. Take a few minutes to look through everything we have available. You’ll be able to get a complete package here that starts when you order from this category today.

When we say that we sell welding equipment that targets all of your needs, we mean it. Check out the tig welding collets and tig collet choices we have. After you buy a package of five, why not leave a customer review?

If you’ve got any questions about any products including our tungsten electrodes, call us on our toll-free number. Remember, we ship in Canada and the USA.