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MI 265 AC/DC Stick

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  • AC/DC Stick (SMAW) 


  • Continuous current adjustment allows to precisely adjust the current output for welding needs
  • Equipped with running gear
  • Two current ranges AC and DC, apply all kinds of electrodes including type E6010 and E7018, even welds out of position
  • Excellent arc stability
  • Contacts power socket 110V, AC for power tools
  • Lifting hook
Rated Input 230/460/575
1 Phase
60 Hz
Part Number 303-191
Rated Output TIG
30% Duty Cycle @ 250A

Dimensions H. 21" (533 mm) W. 19" ( 483 mm) L. 28" (711 mm)
Weight Net: 300 lb (136 kg)

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