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MIG Wire, Aluminum Spools, Self Shielded Wire, TIG, Electrode

MIG Wire, Aluminum Spools, Self Shielded Wire

We have mig wire, aluminum spools and self shielded wire here that will help you get the job done. Just click on the product you are interested in and you’ll get all the stats and other information you need. These products are listed so you can shop quickly and easily.

We carry premium mig wire. The ones that we have in our inventory contain high levels of magnesium so they are of better quality. Helping you get the best possible results for your welding projects is what we do best. This particular wire also has silicon which enables it to have an excellent welding capability.

The aluminum spools that we have in our inventory are also of the highest quality. These come with 5% magnesium aluminum filler metal. This is an essential ingredient increasing corrosion resistance. If you’ve got a welding project that’s near saltwater, this is the product for you.

Making sure that you have everything you need is our first priority and that’s why we carry self shielded wire too. This is the smart choice for the person who takes on the occasional project from their home. It has several advantages including easy slag removal.