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Crossfire Welders looks after all of your welding jobs regardless of whether they are big or small. We are the welding supplies store in Toronto that carries many different products that suit all kinds of different jobs. If you are looking for MIG Welders our selection and inventory has powerful choices. Customers looking for outstanding professional performance choose our MIG Welders. The inventory of products that we have on our website has been carefully selected to be efficient and affordable. We also have an outstanding selection of welding safety equipment and power tools. You’ll find everything that you need under one roof here including outstanding plasma cutters in Toronto.

MIG and TIG Welders in Toronto

If you are looking for an excellent assortment of MIG and TIG Welders in Toronto, you should browse our catalogue. We carry all of the latest innovations including single phase 200 amp multi-process MIG welders. Everything in this part of our inventory is durable and industry-leading. All the accessories and features are detailed clearly so you can compare shop easily and efficiently. We have a fine selection of TIG welders as well. Many companies who do business with us look for welder options that are portable. We have a good assortment in different price ranges.

Welding Safety Equipment in Toronto

Crossfire Welders has an outstanding assortment of welding safety equipment in Toronto. We have all of the equipment to get the job done safely including gas track cutters and fume extractors. There’s a fine selection of helmets and gloves too. Take a few minutes to look over the drills, angle grinders and reciprocating saws that we have for sale. Don’t forget our company prides itself on being transparent. That’s why you’ll be able to download a version of our warranty straight from the website. It’s important to us to be the welding equipment shop that handles everything in one location.

Plasma Cutters in Toronto

That’s why we also have industry-leading plasma cutters in Toronto in our inventory. We have a fine selection so your search doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The products we have offer user friendly torch design that’s innovative and efficient. The specifications for each of these products is laid out in an easy to read PDF format. Along with an excellent assortment of plasma cutters in Toronto, you’ll find all the accessories necessary to get the job done properly right here.

Our plasma cutting table is safe and CSA approved.

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