These are the welding safety glasses that you can trust. They offer the very best in eye coverage with outstanding style and comfort.  These meet ANSI Z87.1 Standards so you can rest assured they are safe. You can use these products all day as you work on multiple projects. Crossfire Welders has taken the time to put together a complete inventory of the very best welding safety glasses.

Comfort and security are just two of the advantages you’ll get. These welding safety glasses meet all safety standards like the all-important ANSI side shield requirements. For us, client satisfaction is our one and only priority. That’s why we only handle the best products generally and superior welding safety glasses specifically.

We are proud of the fact that we carry welding equipment that targets all of your needs. Safety is always first on every job site. That’s what these welding safety glasses are all about. Remember, we ship to various points in Canada and the USA.