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MODEL: K-X7500

Revamp your home with our Generator Home Connection Kit – the superhero of power outages! Engineered for generators, this kit boasts a 6-outlet power panel and an easy-to-install NEMA L14-30P outdoor generator power inlet, capable of handling up to 7500W – more power than a caffeinated squirrel on a trampoline!

Worried about toxic generator exhaust? Fret not! Our kit not only keeps your home smelling like cinnamon rolls but also shields it from storms, acting like a superhero with an umbrella. Installation is a breeze – even your grandma's cat could handle it (if it had thumbs).

Bid farewell to dark outages and welcome a home powered up, protected, and ready to throw a disco party. Because who said backup power can't be easy and fun? Get ready to party, rain or shine, with our generators and easy-to-install backup power solutions!

  • Outdoor to indoor receptacle kit
  • Create a back up power panel inside your home, connected to your portable generator outside your home
  • Designed to keep you safe from toxic generator exhaust and stormy weather during a power outage
  • 30 Amp. NEMA L14-30P outdoor generator power inlet
  • For portable generators up to 7500W
  • Comes with 6 outlet power panel, generator power inlet box, 1/2" rigid PVC conduit, 1-1/4" spade bit, 1/2" PVC sleeve connector, 2 insulating gaskets and mounting hardware