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HD240 Spool Gun

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Amperage Rated Output
• 220A @ 60% Duty Cycle
Cable Length
• 26' (8m)
Torch Handle Type
• Pistol Grip
Wire Size
• .030 - .045

Easy to Use

Wire feed speed adjustment on the gun handle and reversible drive rolls save time and money.

Hinged wire spool cover

makes it easy to access wire compartment.

Easy access to drive assembly

reduces service time by allowing easy access to drive rolls or performing routine maintenance without disassembly of gun.

Wire speed adjustment located on the gun handle

allows the user to conveniently change wire speed directly from the spool gun. Saves time by eliminating the need to walk back to the welding machine to change the wire feed settings.

 *Can only be used with HG251A/HG252A