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HG251A MIG Welder

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Best in class and built to last. Designed for outstanding arc performance and unequaled reliability, the Crossfire 251A comes ready to tackle your most demanding MIG welding requirements. The stepped voltage output design delivers a very precise, driving arc that many professional welders truly prefer. It is capable of running .024 thru .045 solid and flux core wires. A heavy duty 4 drive roll wire feed system assures many hours of smooth, tangle free feeding performance. If you are looking for a serious welding machine and exceptional value, look no further than the CROSSFIRE HG 251A MIG WELDER.

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  • Heavy Duty 4 Drive Roll Feeder System
  • Power light Indicator
  • 12 Step Voltage Switch
  • Spot/Stitch Weld Control
  • Spoolgun Switch ON/OFF
  • Thermal Overload
  • Welds From 22 Gauge to 1/2”
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • Burn-back Control

Accessories Include

  • 12 ft. Tregaskiss Style MIG Torch
  • 10 ft. Ground Cable & Clamp
  • Flow Gauge CGA 580
  • 10 ft. Gas Hose
  • Drive Rolls 023-040
  • Running Gear/Cylinder Rack
  • 8 ft. Input Power Cord & Plug

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Optional Equipment

SP-200-P Spool Gun      HD240 Spool Gun

Rated Input

Single Phase
230 V
60 Hz

Part Number


Rated Output

Rated DC Amps
250A/25 V @ 30% Duty Cycle


H. 28.3” (718.82 mm) W. 17.7” (449.58 mm) L. 37.4” (949.96 mm)


Net: 187 lb (84.5 kg)


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