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Intecut HT

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Crossfire's HT 4' x 4' CNC cutting Table is precise, reliable, and very economical. Powered by Miller's Spectrum 875 with Auto-line, you will immediately see the difference. This system will substantially improve quality and efficiency while saving valuable time and money.


  • Heavy duty steel table body to ensure durability and precision
  • Dual driving system on Y, track pinion and gear system
  • Higher speed and higher precision
  • 3 x Stepper Motors control X,Y,Z
  • Magnetic breakaway torch holder
  • Reinforced body to support weight of table and materials
  • 7 displayer, colourful interfaces, Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean,Chinese.
  • 44 shapes in controller library.
  • Automatic THC through console.

**CSA Approved**

Our package includes:

  • Miller Spectrum Plasma Cutter
  • Consumable Starter Kit
  • FastCAM Software.


We currently have 1 demo model available, please call for details.

*Financing options and Educational Institution discounts are available, please contact to inquire*


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