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Crossfire Machine Troubleshooting Center

The wire feed speed will adjust once welding has commenced. The JOG feature causes the wire to feed very quickly when not in a work state. 

Check the Pre & Post flow settings on the bottom menu, adjust to a lower value. 
  1. Check that gas cylinder is turned on
  2. Check that there are no leaks, all connections are firmly tightened
  3. Check that the MIG torch is completely inserted into the feeder connector. If the gun is slightly out, the gas will leak in the connector.  

Check your trigger settings in the menu at the bottom of the screen. There are 3 options:

  • Spot - Welding will start and stop depending on the selected time value.
  • 2T - Hold trigger to weld, release to finish.
  • 4T - Depress and release trigger, weld will continue until trigger has been depressed and released again. Useful for long welds and to reduce welder fatigue. 

There are many reasons that you may encounter issues feeding wire. 

  1. Check that drive rolls are installed correctly and match the diameter of wire
  2. Adjust the tension on the spool hub
  3. Adjust the tension on the drive rolls 
  4. Check that the contact tip matches the wire diameter
  5. Blow out the liner if it has not been changed recently.

No, the Trion 210 does not have AC, you may only TIG weld DC applications. 

Yes, the Trion 210 can use gasless flux-core wire. welding cable polarity must be reversed. 

The Trion 210 does not include the TIG torch or Spool Gun, these are optional accessories that can be purchased at anytime. 

Check your plasma torch consumables, all pieces must be installed and seated correctly. 

  • Electrode
  • Swirl Ring
  • Nozzle 
  • Cup

Check that torch head is not seized, "dirty" air can damage the torch head. 

Check that air compressor is turned on. 

Check air pressure on machine gauge. 

Check that ground clamp is firmly inserted into negative terminal.

Check that ground is connected near workpiece

Check that ground clamp and cable are not damaged or worn out. 

Check that you are using clean dry air. A dryer should be installed on your compressor, oil, water and contaminants will damage your torch and greatly decrease consumable life span. 

Crossfire In-Line Plaz-Dri Air Dryer

Invercut 40 - 3/8" mild steel. 

Invercut 60 - 5/8" mild steel. 

The machine should be set between 70 - 80 psi. The maximum allowable pressure is 90 psi. 
No, the HG252 is a single phase machine. Only a certified Electrician should make the necessary changes in order to adjust 3 phase to 1 phase.  
Check that the MIG Torch/Spool Gun switch is in the correct position.  
Check that the spot timer knob on the front panel is set to 0. 

The HG251/HG252 both have a "Burnback" control (see image). This feature helps prevent the wire from burning back into the contact tip after completing the weld. 

Burnback Control Knob

This is not recommended, as aluminum is very soft it can easily become tangled or get  snagged in the liner.  We offer 2 options if you require a spool gun for the HG251/ HG252.

Crossfire SP-200-P Spool Gun

Crossfire HD240 Spool Gun

Review the manual on how to access the Sub-Menu, once there, change FP0 to FP1. 
No, do not adjust the settings while the unit is welding.  

The 2 options for plugging your ground clamp in are for LOW inductance (Mild Steel) and HIGH Inductance (Stainless or Aluminum). 


  1.  Slow Wire Feed Speed
  2. Burnback Control

HD4 Controls